Letter from the CEO

Why I am investing in my employees when half of them aren’t working

January 25, 2019

I founded L Squared LLC (L2) ten years ago to offer cybersecurity solutions — including risk assessments, cloud migration consulting and fractional IT support — to business and government clients, thereby helping them avoid costly data breaches.

As a U.S. Air Force veteran, and as a government contractor, I am in the position of receiving the majority of our business from government agencies. And now, on January 25, 2019, those same agencies are in day 34 of the United States Partial Government Shutdown. Despite a temporary three-week opening, much uncertainty remains.

The shutdown affects 50% of our staff and our revenues are now cut in half. While many affected organizations are struggling and several have been forced to lay off staff or reduce their wages, L2 continues to employ 100% of our team and pay their full salaries.

We are investing in our employees. Why?

  • Because I realized, during the 2009 industry downturn and early rumblings of a shutdown, that I didn’t want to be forced to lay people off if my business were impacted. Therefore, I’ve worked hard as a CEO, tolerating slower organic growth when necessary in order to be prepared for emergencies like this. L2 reserves a substantial savings fund to ensure employees’ jobs and salaries are safeguarded during unforeseen events.

  • Because disaster recovery and business continuity are not just for IT. As a cybersecurity company, we preach the importance of having a business continuity plan — and yes, that includes disaster recovery for things like data, servers and networks. But never has the importance of business continuity been so apparent as now, when we have 50% less revenue to support our business.

  • Because, most importantly, our employees are what make our company great. Our company remains committed to our workforce. I can’t afford not to invest in them. We’re encouraging employees to use their downtime to pursue education opportunities such as the accreditations and continuing education units that will keep them at the forefront of the cybersecurity industry. They deserve to reinvest in themselves and in our business.

  • I pride myself on maintaining an inclusive and welcoming company that provides challenging opportunities for my team to grow their careers. L2 will continue to forge ahead during this shutdown by maintaining our strong culture, expanding our education and serving our commercial clients with the expertise and integrity that is our norm. Our team also stands ready to return to our government clients with a renewed focus and positive outlook once this shutdown ends.

Looking ahead,

Lisa Love
CEO and Founder